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Why might your company choose us? What do we offer that might be of interest? How we will contract and work to exceed your expected standards and timescales?

Why choose us?

We have no plans or desire to be ordinary or average!! We are building successful partnerships and relationships for the long term.

As a client we will take the time to get to know you, your needs and expectations.

We will know each and every candidate we send through.

We are not a company that will flood you with a large pile of CV’s in the hope that one sticks and attracts your interest. You will get a small number of well-matched and relevant CV’s.

Before you receive a CV we will have spoken with the candidate.  We take the time and effort to understand their needs, career aspirations and the type of company and role they are interested and best suited for.

So how are we different?

Our aim is to help you find your best match candidate.  We are experienced professionals and business change agents, therefore expect constructive challenge on how to successfully fill key roles. We can also share a broad view of ‘what’s hot and what’s not’ in the recruitment sector.

We can provide you with valuable information to help with manpower planning, guiding you on availability of talent, to understand who is (and isn’t) out there, before you invest time and money in a costly search exercise.

We are a great team.

If you would prefer, you can talk to only one dedicated member of our team. The person you brief about your vacancy can be the person delivering on your role. Behind the scenes we operate as team with complementary skills.

We do great things.

We will never send candidates across without screening them first.

As a client you want to be 100% certain that we only show you candidates that are a great match.

We follow ‘best practice’ principles and do our job efficiently ethically and professionally. So if you have made your choice to use us, what can you expect?

For clients we ……

—- have a range of processes to find candidates from multiple channels, advertising, using our extensive database of candidates, commercial CV databases, targeted search and networking and headhunting techniques

—- ensure the consultant you meet will be the consultant working with you. We have the skills within our team to understand your recruitment processes, competency model (if appropriate) and will complement your recruitment processes.

—- consistently experiment with many emerging recruitment channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Broadbean and Facebook

For candidates we …

—- provide them with a unique route to market, leveraging established client relationships, gaining proactive introductions and direct contact with the people responsible for filling vacancies

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