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Why might you want to apply through us?
What do we do that is different from other agencies?
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Why tm recruit?
We have no plans or desire to be ordinary or average!! We are building successful partnerships and relationships for the long term….

As a candidate we will take the time and effort necessary to get to know you and your needs and expectations. We are interested in you, your history and your vision of success. If we understand you then we understand your needs and expectations and aim to be your trusted adviser.

We aim to understand your needs, career aspirations and the type of company and role you are interested in. Your CV will only go forward to a client with your agreement. We will help you prepare properly and effectively for interview.

So how are we different?

It starts from first contact, we may contact you direct, you may apply against a specific vacancy.  You may be recommended to us, we may find you through LinkedIn.

However we find you we will have an open and confidential discussion regarding your needs, aspirations and timescales.

We are not an agency that works the numbers game throwing multiple CV’s at clients hoping one of many stick.  We send a small and very select number of targeted CV’s. Our CV submission to successful recruitment ratio is high.

We’re a great team.
If you would prefer, you can talk to only one dedicated member of our team. The person you share your thinking with will be the person supporting your application. However we operate as a great team with complementary skills and at various times you mightbe contacted by any of the tm recruit team.

We do great things.

As a candidate you want to be 100% certain that your CV is held by an agency you trust. An agency that will only submit your CV to a company and a vacancy that you have discussed understood and agreed to apply against.

We follow ‘best practice’ principles and can assure you that we do our job correctly, ethically and professionally.

For candidates we …..

—- provide a unique route to market, leveraging established relationships within large networks of industry professionals. Gaining proactive introductions and direct contact with the people responsible for filling vacancies

—- work with you to update, shape and improve your CV

—- take time to coach and support you through telephone interviews and face to face interactions

We seek candidates ready and willing to take the next step in their career.

You may be ‘between assignments’, coming to the end of an existing assignment or thinking about your first step into the contracting arena.

Permanent Roles
Time for a career change, promotion or interested in a similar role in a new company? Need someone independent and with extensive knowledge of the industry to listen to your thoughts and share ideas and options?

How to apply?

Head across to our contact page to register your interest and load your CV if you are interested in hearing more.

One of our team will then contact you to discuss next steps.

Improving your CV

Having a great LinkedIn profile, amazing network and a brilliant reputation is taken as read!  Ultimately you will be asked to submit a copy of your current CV.

What can you expect to happen after sending your CV through?

—- We will compare your CV, skills, profile and experiences with the requirement of the role

—- We will discuss your CV and identify gaps, ask questions and will most likely suggest improvements to your CV. We will look at it with fresh eyes and be open, frank and constructive.

—- Your CV will only go to companies and roles we know you are interested in and have given us permission to act on your behalf. It will not be submitted or sent anywhere without your knowledge

As a starter read the ‘So you want to improve your CV’ guide available for download on this site.

 Interview tips

You’ve got an interview with the client!

This will take many forms from an initial telephone screening interview (are you who you say you are and is your CV a true and accurate reflection of your work experience to date).

You may have initial technical screening interview with the relevant line manager and their team.

You may go straight through to face to face interview, assessment center, and multiple interviews, presentations, technical exercise and similar.

What can you expect from us?

—- We will work with you to support your interview preparation. This may take many forms, ranging from practice telephone interviews, face to face interview practice and coaching and supporting your preparation.

We will give freely of our time to support you to be the best you can be.

Read the ‘You have a phone interview, Result!’ available for download on this site.

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